Congratulations to Vladimir!

Today we’ve finally picked up Vladimir’s car. He was waiting for it for about six month or so, while it was customized for him and shipped here.

The car is a brand new Lexus IS220. Deisel, manual, packed with features.

We went to Lexus offices in Nicosia, where, after a few final paperwork touches, we were shown to the car. The Lexus guy gave Vladimir a lengthy (half an hour or so) tour around the car and its features.

You won’t believe how much stuff is in there!

Apart from the usual things like ABS, traction control, remote control keys, and GPS navigation system there are things I wouldn’t ever thought about – CD/DVD player, rear view camera which goes on automatically when reversing, front lights that can turn on when it gets dark, which also follow the car’s direction instead of shooting straight all the time, memory for a lot of settings, etc, etc, etc.

The beauty of this car is definetely in the details. Having listened throught the tour, I have a good idea about many of them, but surely not all.

So, congratulations dude! You’ve got yourself a really nice piece of technology. Drive safe!

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