Daily tweets

  • Good morning. Guten morgen. Dobroe utro. Kalimera. #
  • Alt+Shift+V opens advanced options in WordPress editor. #
  • WordPress widgets are really cool. Too bad I haven’t played with them earlier. #
  • For this client,I’m making three widget areas:left sidebar,main area,and right sidebar.All content goes into widgets.They’ll be impressed. #
  • In fact,each template (is_search(),is_404(),is_home(),etc) can have its own set of sidebars.Full customization with drag and drop. Cool! #
  • IM postings to Twitter lag behind. I’m duplicating everything through the web. I wonder if both will show up… #
  • I just made myself the best frappe ever. I wonder what I did differently this time… #
  • Suddenly I very interested in WordPress plugins licenses. Yes, I am using this stuff for commercial purposes. No, I don’t mind GPL. #
  • I still think that GPL is better than BSD license. #
  • One of the good things about using third-party software is that you can always blame it. “It’s a WordPress issue, not ours”. Just love that. #
  • Demonstrated WordPress widgets to a few people around here. Jaw-dropping effect. Much like expected. #
  • Going through the full list of plugins at http://wp-plugins.net/ can blow your head off. My mind is in pre-explosive state right now. #
  • I’m exhausted. My brain doesn’t focus anymore. That WordPress plugins list in the middle of the day was a mistake. Better left for evenings. #
  • Tried the new Skype-1.4 beta for Linux. Uber crap. Groups are gone. Fonts are screwed. Half of the options are read-only. I’m back to 1.3. #
  • I’m playing with WordPress so much these days, that I should probably need to have a separate blog dedicated just to that. #
  • I just started a new blog. It’s about WordPress hacking. Enjoy – http://wpbits.wordpress.com/ #

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