Some stats for a slow news day

Today is a rather slow news day. Not on the web, but for me. I did some stuff here and thought of something there, but nothing worth blogging about. So, instead of just missing a day and breaking the habbit, I’ll post some statistics from my WordPress panel.

As of today, I have posted 3,505 posts not including this one. Some of those were bad, some good, some short, some long… But many of those posts didn’t go unnoticed. You guys came in and commented. And I responded. And than you commented some more. And so on, and so forth. This led to some 2,397 comments. This number includes comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks. But it excludes all SPAM.

Speaking of SPAM, my all times favourite plugin SPAM Karma 2 caught 50,944 SPAM comments and trackbacks (average karma, for those in the know, is -4,058.72). The plugin also approved 931 comments (average karma 149.85) and asked me to moderate another 255 comments. These SPAM stats are gathered since I installed SPAM Karma 2 plugin some time in January 2006.

You can see some more statistical details including most commented posts, per user comments statistics, and counter for unique commenters’ names, on the this page, which is always available as the menu option at the top.

Feel free to blog about your stats and trackback to this entry.

3 thoughts on “Some stats for a slow news day”

  1. At the time I installed Karma, Akismet wasn’t built. I think… Anyway, IIRC, Akismet needs an API key or some sort of registration… I never pushed myself to go into it.. SPAM Karma works just fine for me ;)

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