Sleepless night

Yesterday I made a big mistake. After I came home from work and found everyone sleeping, I should have gone to bed myself. But instead I went to see the list of things that I wanted to do, but skipped. And I found this post bookmarked there.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe is one of the most addictive games I ever played. Fromt the first sight it looks overly complicated. After an hour or so it looks oversimplified. And than you just lose the track of time. I knew that, because I played it many times before.

And even knowing that I still did the download. It installed easily without any problems what-so-ever. And I decided to try if it runs OK…

10 hours later Olga was trying to kick me out for a walk with Maxim. After a short battle she succeded. But I was back in three hours. And played for 4 more. Than I just had to go to sleep…

2 thoughts on “Sleepless night”

  1. That is exactly like you told – the game is very addictive :) I spend first week or two playing it a lot and now I play it when I have some time and nothing better to do [or just no mood to do anything else].

    It becomes more addictive if you start playing with semaphors and pre-signals. From that moment you start to think on how to make rail junctions the most efficient and so on.

    The only thing that was killang me is time limit till 2051, but I solved this out (since I have the sources) and changed the game end to be on 2150 (the only caution is to enable “vehicles never expire” in “Configure Patches” or you will stay without any engine available to buy somewhere in 2080 since they will be counted as old)

    Anyhow – have a nice time :)

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