Accident update. Final.

OK, I’m glad to report that the accident case is completely closed now.  Today I have received the money from Cosmos Insurance.  The final judgement was 70% of my fault (manouvering without looking in the mirrors, closing free way, etc) against 30% of the other guy (speeding).

All accounts have been settled, and all paperwork finished.  My car has been repaired and paid for, and the only thing missing is the proper rare right light, which I am waiting for to be shipped from Japan.  In the meantime light from another model has been installed, and, to tell you the truth, noone notices the difference.

Anyway.  Once again, I’m happy that there were no casualties and that noone was harmed or injured – just two cars.  I have learned my lesson, and I am not drunk driving anymore.  At least not after heavy drinks like vodka and tequilla.  I still drive after a glass of wine or beer though, but noone is perfect.  I am not driving to parties no more.  If I know I’ll be drinking, I take a taxi and it seems to work very well for me.

That’s all folks.

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  1. I’m confused after reading the other description. How come it’s 70% your fault if you were just driving along the left hand lane at about 40km/hr ??

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