No astronomy for me

As I have already said several times, I am not very fond of astronomy.  It doesn’t interest me.  But I try to ‘get in’ and follow at least major events, such as Solar and Moon eclipses.  Even partial.

Obviously, I am not doing a very good job of it.  Many people notified and warned me that almost full Solar eclipse will be visible from Cyprus on March 29th.  I got these news via all possible channels – in person, over the phone, via email, RSS, and the rest of Web technologies too.  I made a mental note not to miss.

And I did.  I realized that I missed it about 10 hours after it was over.  Can you believe it?  Oh, you can, huh?  Well, I’ll tell you something better.  At the time the eclipse was taking place I was in bed, with my notebook on my lap, watching a movie.  And suddenly, in the middle of the movie, I realized that it was way too dark in the room and, therefor, outside for the lunch time.

Guess what?

I haven’t thought about the eclipse even for a second.  My reasons for insuffecient light were mostly weather related – clouds and such.  Of course, I didn’t spend my afternoon thinking about it.  Those were just a couple of brief thoughts.

But still.  I find it amazing – I was well informed about what was going on, I was actually planning to take part in observations, and I totally forgot.  And not only that – I didn’t pay any attention what-so-ever to the obvious marks and signs that were sent to remind me of what was happening.

My only hope is that my life won’t depend on my memory and organization.  Other then that – I am hopeless.

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