Python! Here I come!

Life is full of surprises and irony. Or at least it looks so to me. Especially now.

It’s been more than two years since I planned to learn Python programming language. At first I really wanted to do so, but didn’t have any free time. Then I came across a couple of tasks at work that made me write a few patches here and there, but the complexity just wasn’t there and I didn’t learn anything beyond the simpliest things. Then a lot of time passed by and I forgot those simpliest things too.

Recently I found myself looking at Python code more often than I used to. But I still didn’t have to write any code. Just read and understand.

Then I had to write few more patches. Again, the complexity wasn’t there.

And so on and so forth.

Until today I realized that I have a somewhat complex project to implement and there is practically no choice of programming language. Hooray! I’ll finally have to learn to use Python!

P.S.: I’m glad I was saving up all those Python bookmarks.

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