I can’t believe I did it so fast

Remember how I mentioned Python only yesterday? Well, I’ve had a really long (and fun) programming session (about 10 hours), and I have a warm feeling of deep familiarity with the language. Yup, I know it. I am surprised though. It usually took me much longer to learn the language.

Of course, I can’t claim that I know it all. Here are the things that I used in the last few hours:

  • Lists and dictionaries
  • Functions (with parameters and default values) and objects
  • Database interaction (MySQL with MySQLdb)
  • Forking
  • Regular expressions
  • Documenting code … Really.

I wrote and re-wrote almost a 1000 lines of code, which made me feel much more comfortable with Python syntax and concepts.

P.S.: I still got it…

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