Back to the gym. Again.

Finally, my Christmas / New Year break is over.  The gym was closing for a couple of weeks, but, as always, I had some troubles getting back to my P.T.  The resulting two and a half month break devastated all my previous achievements…

Before I left the gym for Christmas, I weighted about 109 kilos and could run 3 kilometers for the first run, and another 1 kilometer after a short break.  Today, when I got back to the gym, I weighted an ugly 116.5 kilograms.  My running was even worse.  After half a kilometer down the way, I noticed a really old woman in black coat with a hood over her head running nearby me.  When I approached 1 kilometer, this woman picked up a really scary scythe, which was standing against the wall nearby.  At that precise moment, I decided to stop.

I went downstairs for some belly pain.  Here I managed to catch up with my previous results of 4 attempts of 30 exercises (whatever they are called), and then another 3 attempts of 10 other exercises.  I had to take longer breaks though, and it was more painful than I remember it used to be.

Going back upstairs for the second run, I felt really tired.  And noticed that the woman in black was still there, and still with the scythe in her hands.  She looked like she was waiting for someone, so I decided to skip it this time.

Overall summary: 116.5 kilograms of fat, bones, and flash.  1 kilometer jog is almost fatal.  That will need a lot of work to get back to the previous state.  And considering that the previous stage was far from perfect, it feels like there is really a lot of work ahead of me… Ouch.

4 thoughts on “Back to the gym. Again.”

  1. Last week I happened to discuss the topic of fitness & weight control with a specialist doctor during a seminar on various health-related issues.

    So, in simple words the thing is as follows:

    Most people gain their previously lost weight back very fast because this weight (as we all know) is usually FAT and the body considers fat as a vital resource. Once been lost, this resource (as any other resource) should be recovered. This is how our physiology is designed. It’s all about metabolism, endocrinology etc. but the conclusion is that: unless you keep fighting your habits and weight continuously throughout your WHOLE LIFE any weight you lose inevitably comes back to you, and every time the interval gets shorter.

    (when I say “you”, I mean “anybody” not you in person, of course)

    It is so sad… But we cannot trick the nature.

  2. I guess eating and exercising habits have something to do with this too. If one loses weight by changing the diet and exercises and then goes back to the old routine, the old “results” will come back as well…

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