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This thought has been so caught so many times in my head that by now I’m not even sure if I posted about it or not. But just in case I didn’t, here it goes…

The technological progress is enters our lives from many sides and in many forms. Sometimes, it is very noticeable, like, for example, in the case with all that hype about iPod or iPhone or what’s the lates gadget from Apple is called these days… But sometimes, it’s totally silent and natural and it seems like it was there for ages. Although it wasn’t.

This thought comes to me often when I am about to drink tea. No fire, no towels, no pots or kettles. Press the button and a small plastic bucket will provide with plenty of hot water in a couple of minutes. Pour some in the cup and drop the tea bag in. Done. Oh, wait, it’s too hot. Open the fridge, take a couple of ice cubes and drop them in the cup too. Now it’s just right.

Think about it. How natural that is now. I know at least a dozen people who do this on a regular if not daily basis. But even less than 50 years ago, fridges weren’t coming with ice makers. In fact, they were making ice that nobody wanted and had to unfreeze their fridges once in a while. And nobody I knew was even thinking about making ice themselves or using it for tea. Perhaps it was different in other areas of the world, but something tells me it wasn’t very different. And tea bags too weren’t the preferred way of making tea. And water was boiled using gas cookers. And so and so forth. But now, not it feels like it was always available.

There are plenty of other examples. Mobile phones, for example. They still look odd when used by older people, but in general they are a part of everyday life of everybody I know. That wasn’t so even ten years ago. Cars, digital television, Internet. What else?

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  1. Vanity and laziness – I think those are the two main reasons of progress (especially the technical one). Halleluiah 2 that? Or we can’t sing it, course it’s against The Bible? ;)

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