Doing something wrong

I am really doing something wrong. Seriously. I can’t get neigther one of headsets to work. Headphones work just fine, both at home and at work. Microphones don’t. At work I can hear myself talking in the headphones, but I can’t record any sound and, obviously, I can’t use the headset in Skype. At home, I don’t even get the sound in the headphones.

I think I’m getting old… Oh, do I sound like my father now?

5 thoughts on “Doing something wrong”

  1. Can you also pass by my home and fix my linux sound drivers too? I can’t switch off hearing myself in the headphones. Untill I reboot into Windows of course where everything used to work straight away. A can’t also set up printing and make any video player to use my second sound card but that’s normal with this half-an-OS I am trying to use :)

  2. Alexey,

    Easy on the offensive – you might start a flame war and my blog isn’t fireproof. :)

    Windows has it’s own problems. As a matter of fact, yesterday I spent about 40 minutes troubleshooting a problem with one advanced Windows users – for some reason, exactly after three minutes into a Skype conversation his microphone would switch off, and three seconds later Skype would drop a connection. Hehe. :)

    Regarding the video player and a secound soundcard – you didn’t do your homework. Even I posted about it. Or maybe that’s your choice of distribution? ;)

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