Again with an ‘S’ word

This is yet another post that mentions Skype. As you probably know by now after reading this and that posts, I am really enjoying Skype.

In order to expand the joy, I decided to follow my brother, and buy headphones with microphone to use voice features of this application.

You might think that I am one of those “whatever my brother gets, I’ll get two” types, but I am not. I really have two very separate computers – my home workstation and my office workstation – that I need to equip with whatever software and hardware I use. So, I bought two headsets. Those are A4Tech HS-7 if you are interested.

8 CYP a piece. Fit my head nicely. Micrphone is attached via a wire that you can bend any way you like. There is also volume control and microphone on/off switch right on the wire. Comfy.

I haven’t tested the sound yet.

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