The Secret Project coming through

The Secret Project that I working on is coming along nicely. We had some breakthrough activity today. The biggest task that we had so far seems to have been solved. Data importing will take a couple of days and than on we’ll have only exciting stuff to work at.

The original deadline of first beta release still stands at March 1st, 2006. We might get delayed a few days, but no serious show stoppers can be seen from where we are now.

We will select a few people to for the first beta testing – to get really ugly things out of the way. That should take about a month. And than we’ll unleash it onto all of you who want to test the second beta. That should run for a couple of more month. And than we’ll have the production release. That is if everything will go fine (read: as it goes now).

I can’t wait to tell you more, but that is all I can say now. Maybe even slightly more than I should have said.

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