The Saviour is here

My brother passed by and fixed the damn thing. Now I can Skype with sound. From home. I wonder if I will be able to repeat the magic sequence at work. Probably not. But I’ll try.

Thanks bro.

4 thoughts on “The Saviour is here”

  1. I am playing around to find out what exactly is required for mic to work.

    Actually, you need only “Mic” and “Capture” to be enabled and “Mic” to be on full in “Input” tab of kmix (I am describing how to get this work with kmix at this point). The rest of the staff in that tab can be switched off.

    In “Switches” tab you need to have “Boost +20db Mic” and select an appropriate microphone from the drop down menu (if you have one).

    The rest is again can be off.

    I beleive you should try to disable the rest bvacause in your case you have SB Live! and it can switch the ports according to different settings.

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