Sim bug cleared up

I’ve been enjoying my Sim ride for some time now. With more confidence in it, I explore the menus and look for more features and configuration options. One of the things that I noticed is support for Yahoo! Messenger. It’s not on the list of features, but it is in the menu (Connections » Connection Manager » New Connection » Protocols » Yahoo!).

I don’t use any other protocols except ICQ much. But I do have a Yahoo! ID, so I thought I’d configure it just in case. I tried to create a new connection, but there was some strange problem. Whenever I would put my Yahoo! ID and password and try to connect, Sim would complain that ‘Login failed’.

At first I thought that I was mistyping either the Yahoo! ID or the password. Double and triple checked – both are fine. I could login to Yahoo! with no problem. Than I though that something might be wrong with the Yahoo! authentication servers. I gave it some time. Then some more. And then yet some more. Nope, still didn’t work.

Today I got bored with all this and decided to Google for solution. You won’t belive what I have found. Of course, there is a bug with Yahoo! support in Sim. But what kind of a bug! Sim does not support Yahoo! Not yet at least. They are probably working on it and that’s why there is an interface which is not functional at all. Heh.

The good thing is that I didn’t go as low as compilation of Sim with different parameters…

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  1. you encountered this problem in october. I got the same version (0.9.3), but do you know if there is a version meanwhile which supports yahoo!?

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