Do not fight the nature. You will lose.

My father-in-law has five daughters. No kidding. And all he ever wanted was one son. He tried the first time – no luck. A daughter. He considered giving up, but his wife convinced him to try again. And so he did. Nope. Daughter again. He thought about quiting, but his wife convinced him to try one more time. Who knows? He tried. Daughter. Again.

He took a break for a few years to think things over. And he thought hard. As a result, he divorced his wife. And married another woman. Who already had a son from previous marriage.

Tricking the nature he tried again. And he got it back hard. His wife gave birth to twins. Two girls that is.

Five daughters later, I don’t think he will try again.

5 thoughts on “Do not fight the nature. You will lose.”

  1. Heh heh sounds like something that typically happens in India – people are obsessed with boys and they get into the same loop. Main “logical” reason is that a girl is sent away to her in-laws house whereas a boy is going to generate income for the family (heh heh, high hopes ;-) but nothing lost in hoping anyway). Of course nowadays trends are changing and there’s more of a movement towards equality, though there are plenty of pockets where this notion is still cherished.

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