More Gmail space?

Today I noticed that I have more Gmail space than I used. Here is a screenshot:

Gmail space stats

I don’t check these numbers every day, but I was under the impression that I had somewhere around 3 GBytes just a few days ago. Now I have more than 4 GBytes. I looked through a few news sites, but haven’t noticed any related headlines.

Anybody has any idea? Is it for everybody or just a few random users? Will it stay or will it go? Will we get more? (as you can clearly see, I don’t need more just yet, but I’m still interested).

2 thoughts on “More Gmail space?”

  1. Ha, I thought it kept changing. I’m now only using 5% of my gmail space, and I’m sure it was 6% a couple of months ago. 4453 mb is the total it’s giving me today.

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