Something is wrong with Windows Vista


  1. I never used Windows Vista.
  2. It’s been a while since I used Microsoft Windows.
  3. I am a proud Linux user. For a few years now.
  4. I am very biased.
  5. I am not well informed on this subject.

Now, with the above disclaimer, it might seem that I don’t have anything else to say, but I do. For the last few years I’ve been working with people who either use Linux, or can fix practically any problem with their Windows installation. So I haven’t heard a lot from the Microsoft front.

Recently, on the other hand, I spend a lot of time among people who are your regular (or just above the regular) Windows users. They know a few things about computers, they aren’t afraid of the technology, but they don’t have any operating systems concept knowledge or system administration experience. And some of these people are using Windows Vista (in most cases it came pre-installed with their computers).

It seems to me, Windows Vista users aren’t very happy. Things break here and there. And although they always break here and there on all systems with no exception, on Vista they seem to break in some weird and very annoying way. When I first noticed their reactions, I just wrote it off on me being very biased.

But then I couldn’t help noticing news headlines here and there. And again, I thought that just me. But then I noticed that the trends of negative Vista feedback are getting more and more. Now I am all suspicious.

Just to put a few things together, I did a few Google searches. It seems to me, that I am not alone in my picks. Here are a few links to save you some typing:

Even with me being biased, and a good old tradition of bashing anything and everything small or big coming out of Microsoft, it still seems like a lot of negative material.

What’s your stand on this? Have you noticed the trend? Have you tried Windows Vista yourself? Are you planning to? I’m interested to hear.

8 thoughts on “Something is wrong with Windows Vista”

  1. I’ve never used Vista. I’ll never use Vista. (Never say “never”, man, but still and all :-) IMHO – new hook to the next generation processor. But no, not for me.

  2. This whole thing with driving sales of more powerful computers using software is so… weird. On my hand, it’s a complete non-sense – most people don’t need all that power. On the other hand, it’s happening and there is no question about it.

    Looking at my laptop… It’s by no means a hi end machine. In fact, it’s pretty old by today standards. And it’s cheap. But it has many times more resources than huge servers had just a few years ago. And, it’s more than I need. I rarely use even half of the resources. And I have a suspicion that I’m using the computer in more ways than most regular users do…

    Why do we need this arms race, I don’t know.

  3. I am a Windows user for more than 10 years now. Before i was a Mac user :-). Honestly saying, I have never had any major problem with it and more over small problems are happening very rarely too. I have my laptop running Xp for 3 years now – now problems – none. I dont know about Vista but I think that it is also depends of the user. I saw many times user installs some crappy soft, gets adware and spyware and then wordering why system is crashing.

  4. I’ve used Vista, and it’s way better than XP. In some ways. Maybe.

    Sure, security’s better, if harder to use. The transparent windows if you have to gpu power are nice, and the sidebar’s all very well, but what about all those *real* features like WinFs we were promised.

    After owning Vista for a few weeks, I turned on parental controls. Now half the programs on my computer won’t run, and I can’t change the parental controls settings. Looks like a reinstall already.

    It’s not just me. All the press coverage started off with a not-so-big WOW!, and has now degraded into criticism. They can’t be all wrong.

    [Personal advice: Use Linux] :)

  5. I still use Windows 2000. The rest of the family have macs. I’m not very good with change, but my husband and sons tell me that Vista is so different from Win2000 that when my computer dies, I should get a mac as it will be easier for me to use…. I haven’t heard anything good about Vista. I know of some people who bought it, then ‘upgraded’ to XP as they hated Vista so much.

  6. Sue,

    if you whole family uses Macs, it’ll make sense for you to switch to one too.

    I haven’t heard anything good about Vista yet from the people I know. But some of them, mostly those who are experts of Windows platform, say that it’s not that bad as the media make it sound. Maybe they are right, but they are very biased (being experts)…

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