Apple Magic Mouse

Apple magic mouse

Here is a new bit of technology from Apple – Magic Mouse.  A mouse with no buttons, in my humble opinion, is as innovative as a car without wheels – people have talked about it, someone tried to make it, but until now it didn’t really work.  Will this one work?  I have no idea.

3 thoughts on “Apple Magic Mouse”

  1. I was just about to purchase this since my old Mighty Mouse has some design flows. I then found out that there is no middle click! Don’t get me wrong, I’m an Apple fanboy, but this is definitely a deal breaker for me. Let’s just wait for more reviews and possible a couple of hacks :P

  2. Well, I haven’t tried THIS mouse but I am using apple’s touchpad on a macbook, which is following quite similar principals. One big button — the rest is configurable via gestures. Well, I must say for last year it worked extremely well! Especially the multitouch part. So I’d love to get my hands on this mouse. Too bad I just bought a bluetooth Might Mouse :(

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