Free tests at Brainbench

It’s been a really long while since I looked at I used to take a lot of tests an even have few certificates from the early days. I even remember when it was called something else.

Anyway, today I got reminded about this huge repository of tests and certifications and I decided to check it out. Overall there are more than 600 tests that cover a large part of both practical and theoretical computer industry. Here is the list of free tests that you can take.

Just to see if I still have it I took a couple. And passed. The results weren’t as high as they could have been because I wasn’t fully focusing and I was in the middle of the noisy office, but I am satisfied anyway. Check the results below, if you are interested enough.

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I was taking one semi-funny semi-serious online test about Internet addiction. I went through all the questions and was about to press the submit button. There was a text under the button saying that after I press it, I will get the results of the test in the text area below. I pressed it. And the browser crashed.

At first I though it was a joke. Than I realized that it wasn’t. Than I started thinking of what I should do. If I went back and did the test again, I would knew without it that I was addicted. If I didn’t go back, I wouldn’t know if I am.

Finally, I decided that I am somewhat addicted and that I shouldn’t take the test anymore. In fact, I should probably take less online tests as most of them are as inaccurate as horoscopes printed in newspapers. Yeah. Amen to that.

Vision check

We took Maxim for his first routine vision check today. The doctor seemed nice and kind. Lots of books, journals and certificates in his office created the impression of a good specialist. He also had some geeky looking equipment that he wasn’t afraid to use.

Maxim’s eyes seem to work fine. He can see with both of them. How good he can see is a totally other question. And it is not meant to be answered now. The kid is too young for the tests like this.

Anyway, we’re satisfied.

While checking Maxim’s eyes, doc discovered a very small scratch on Maxim’s right eye. It’s a fresh one too. He wrote the prescription for some antiseptic eye drops and suggested to visit him in five days. We agreed.

I guess it’s that scratch itching that results in Maxim’s rubbing his eyes every once in a while. Especially when he eats. Causing the total mess everywhere. Whatever.