Fedora Linux Core 4 is out!

I know that everyone is waiting for it, so I’ll break out the good news – Fedora Linux Core 4 is out. I am currently downloading it from one of the mirrors, but the speed is dicreasing. Hopefully I’ll have it before everything stops completely. I will upload all 4 CDs to Thunderworx FTP as soon as I have them. Meanwhile, you can read the Release Notes.

Update: Fedora Linux Core 4 is available via bittorrent.

Update: Official announcement.

Update: Fedora Linux Core 4 ISOs are uploaded to Thunderworx FTP. You can get them from here.

8 thoughts on “Fedora Linux Core 4 is out!”

  1. There shouldn’t be any problems. Check the Release Notes just to make sure that you know about all the changes. Oh, and don’t forget to add Extras repository to your apt/yum config.

  2. I’ve upgrade FC3 up FC4. I’ve found a couple problems. The first problem was related with Perl modules. I’ve recompiled Embperl and made some changes in RT3 configuration.

    Another problem was related with PHP. There was an emprt session file when I tried to run SugarCRM. I’ve removed all PHP rpms and built it from the source files. Now all work good.

    Also, kicker crached four times today. I’ve made upgrade from freshrpms and know it’s OK (I hope)

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