ID card

I’ve got my Cyprus ID card. Brand new and shiny. Made of plastic. I am a proud Cypriot now.

P.S.: I’m still missing the proper driving license, but I’ll get it first thing after my trip to Russia next month.

4 thoughts on “ID card”

  1. wondering how you’re planning to cross the border. you will be leaving from country as a cypriot, entering Russia with russian pasport, and the leaving with cyprus/russian pasport? huh… you’ll drive custom officers crazy :)

  2. 1) Do they have passports too in Cyprus or just shiny plastic ID cards?
    2) Do they have a russian-like “ethnic nationality” field in their passports? Like for example I can be British but I will never be English.

  3. Alexey,

    I have both plastic ID card and a regular passport. In both of them, there are two fields related to nationality. One is “Nationality”, which actually means citizenship. I have “Cypriot” in there. Another field is “Place of birth”. I have “Russia” in that one.

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