Anger Management

Anger ManagementOff to cinema with Lev and Olga to see “Anger Management“. It is a good movie (actually almost excellent) with lots of good humor and good acting. Jack Nicholson is perfect. He just sprays energy around with every word and every movement. I felt the power. Actually, he is excellent in most of the movies I’ve seen with him – “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest“, “The Shining“, “The Witches of Eastwick“, “Batman“, “Wolf“, “As Good As It Gets“. He, for sure, knows how to Act, unlike the bunch of other “talented” pretty faces from Hollywood.

Adam Sandler (who can be remembered from “Big Daddy” and “The Waterboy“) was also quiet good and natural.

Two scenes which I could’ve watched another hundred times are: when they stop the car on the bridge and start thinging the “gay” song and when Adam Sandler was talking to the beautify red-dressed girl in the bar in Boston. These were excellent!

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