Fedora Linux Core 4 is out!

I know that everyone is waiting for it, so I’ll break out the good news – Fedora Linux Core 4 is out. I am currently downloading it from one of the mirrors, but the speed is dicreasing. Hopefully I’ll have it before everything stops completely. I will upload all 4 CDs to Thunderworx FTP as soon as I have them. Meanwhile, you can read the Release Notes.

Update: Fedora Linux Core 4 is available via bittorrent.

Update: Official announcement.

Update: Fedora Linux Core 4 ISOs are uploaded to Thunderworx FTP. You can get them from here.

Fedora Linux Core 3 is out

Fedora Project has announced the release of Fedora Linux Core 3. As usual, all software packages has been updated with lots of bugfixes and new features. It should be faster, better, user friendlier, and blah blah blah…

I am downloading it currently using BitTorrent at excellent speeds of 500+ KBytes/s. I will upload it then to Thunderworx ftp server. If you are in Cyprus, you better wait until it will appear there, so you will be downloading it at faster speeds. If you are outside of Cyprus – I am sorry, FTP server is firewalled for you.

Update (9 Nov 2004 18:25): Ok, it is up at Thunderworx FTP server. Also, read the Release Notes.