Grape leaves

Grape leaves

I’m starting to have difficulties finding other subjects than leaves and lizards in the park. At least some of these pictures are good for desktop wallpapers…

Album location: /photos/2005/2005-06-02_POTD

7 thoughts on “Grape leaves”

  1. I think for the wallpapers better to shift a focus object to left||right||top||bottom because it takes too much attention if it in center. I’ve tested. :)

  2. Lev,

    thanks for the feedback.

    We’re probably using wallpapers differently. I have played around with few and understood that I like the focus in the center. I like corners and edges to be out of focus because icons with shortcuts to files and applications look much better off center. There’s also plenty of space for icons, if only center is occupied by picture details.

    Anyway, I guess it’s just a a difference in tastes. :)

  3. Surely testes are different but maybe also different way how our eyes catch images. Do you remember Opera/Konqueror the best browsers to me only for one reason I can put all controls elemets to the left – bottom corner. :)

  4. Yeah, well, I find your way of setting up desktop weird and non-intuitive. Having all controls at the bottom right is not convenient for me. I rarely read that far down. Most of the time my eyes spend at the top and the middle of the screen. If you are thinking about bringing scroll bar as an argument, than I don’t use it all. Mouse wheel does all my scrolling and it doesn’t care where it is located as long as it is in the right window. :)

    But to each his own…

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