One place I shouldn’t go

I have a special relationship with all bookstores. Since I feel an unstopable urge to buy half of the books every time I go in to one, I try to avoid them as much as possible. Actually, I’ve been pretty successful at that. I decided to buy all my books from Amazon, but since I am too greedy to pay for shipping and since I don’t have a credit card of my own, I don’t buy that often. All my book shopping ends with my wishlist.

Today though I made a strategic mistake. I had to visit my bank and instead of driving, I walked. And I totally forgot (or didn’t want to remember) that there is an excellent Kyriakou bookshop on the way. I passed it once on the way to the bank and pushed myself not to enter. It took all my powers, but I passed by. Since I didn’t have any powers left, I couldn’t take another road home. And on the way back, I went in. Ouch.

I spent less than 3 minutes inside, but I managed to buy 3 books, paying over 50 CYP (Now you can understand why I try to avoid these places). Here’s what I got:

  • Digital Photography Special Effects” by Michael Freeman. It’s been some time since I wanted to buy some book that would explain few tricks of digital image manipulation. When I saw the book by Michael Freeman I just had to buy it. I’ve read his other book “Complete Guide to Photography“, which is still the best book on the subject that I’ve read. The Special Effects book is in hardcover, with lots of illustrations, and costs about 19 CYP. “That’s value for money” I thought and picked it up.
  • Mediterranean Island Dreams” by Jeremy Horner. This is another book that I picked from the Photography section. It has almost 250 color pictures of Mediterranean islands and I want it for some inspiration and ideas. Plus 21 CYP is not that much for that many pictures. Picked that up too.
  • Rough guide to Cyprus” by Mark Dubin. This book is very well tested, since my good friend Vladimir has a copy. We used the book to investigate Cyprus and to open way more places here than we could imagine – restaurants and beaches specifically. I wanted to order this book from Amazon anyway, but when I saw it in the local bookshop for a mere 12 CYP I decided to buy it.

Additionally, I’ve discovered that this bookshop has an excellent Photography section with lots and lots of books. I’ll have to revisit it next month for sure. How can I stop this fever now?

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  1. I think if u buy from Amazon it would be at least 2 times cheaper than in local bookstores even with shipping expences. The other story with products. I bought 2 DVDs in a big respected shop (dont want to mention the name) and the were TOTAL CRAP. Illegal copies!! So im buying everything form A.
    Concerning credit cards – my bank, for instance, has “Internet Secure” feature so even if i dont have cc i simply “generate” one for amount i want. Or u can buy prepaid card for internet shopping.
    Example for Amazon:
    Rough guide to Cyprus: 17.95 + $4.49
    Mediterranean Island Dreams $26.40 + $4.49
    Digital Photography Special Effects $19.77 +$4.49
    Shipping: $4.49
    Total: $82.08 = CYP 38.58

  2. Thanks, Igor. I know that Amazon is cheaper and stuff. It’s just that sometimes I am willing to sacrifice 10 pounds to have something right now, than in a week.

    About the DVDs, if you bought them in the respected shop, you can change them as long as you have the receipt. I’ve heard similar storeis happenning before. So far, no one complained about BrentCross though…

  3. I’m with you on bookshops – I love them too. We have an Academic and General in Larnaka which has a pretty good selection of English books including a second-hand section. But my favourite Cyprus bookshop is Marilyn’s bookshop in Limassol which is all second-hand and full of British novels plus a load of other stuff.

    Mostly I buy my books from which is like Amazon but postage is free anywhere in Europe! They’re quick too, and also good for DVDs and CDs.

  4. PS, I see above that someone has quoted you prices. If you do use Amazon, it’s often much better to use – certainly quicker, although with the dollar being so low at present is better than it used to be. And if you know someone at one of the army bases who will let you send to their BFPO box, Amazon has free postage for orders over £20. But I still prefer in general with no postage charges to pay at all and each item shipped individually.

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