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Until now I’ve been using for all my translation needs. I realize that it might not at all be the best out there, but it is was good enough. I wanted something fast and simple. No need for phrases, just quick word translations from Russian to English, and back.

I think I’ll be switching to now. It is also a good enough alternative. And fast enough. It also takes care of the greatest annoyance I have with the Rambler dictionary – language switching. When asking for the translation, I think, it is pretty obvious which language the original word is in. So, if I type ‘muse’ and ask for the English/Russian translation, it is obvious that I have typed an English word and I want thus a Russian translsation. For some strange reason, with Rambler, I had to specify. But I would have minded it aswell, if not the ugly interface. Check it out. What is the problem? Well, the language switch is after the submit button. That’s inconvenient.

I’ve been coping with this for far too long. Enough!

P.S.: Yandex dictionary has another nice feature – it shows the meaning of the word in other languages too. Educational.

9 thoughts on “New default dictionary”

  1. Lev,

    I always knew there were better altenatives. It’s just that Rambler was always good enough and not its not. :)

    By the way, Yander dictionary layout and design were changed a couple of days ago. Maybe that added to my motion for change.

  2. BTW, for definitions I am more and more often using Google. Just type in the search field: “define: word” to get definition for “word” from several resources on the web. It’s also very fast. :)

  3. I don’t use pronunciations helpers at all. Somehow, if I can read the word, I know how to pronounce it. There are some exceptions, but they are so rare, that I don’t bother. If I don’t know how to pronounce the word – I use another one. :)

    These are probably the left-overs from the English classes at high school. :)

  4. My remark was addressed to Michael, mostly.

    But anyhow. Either to me if I can read the word I know how to pronounce … almost … or sometimes … if I can read … but I’m not sure, you know? … not sure at all … I’m always uncertainty, so I prefer to hear … that’s it. Perhaps, I’d like listen. 8)

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