Minor site changes

I’ve modified the site theme a little bit. Calendar of posts is now only displayed on the main page. Additionally, when looking at some category, the category description and the link to category RSS feed will be displayed at the same place where calendar used to be.

Categories RSS feeds were a long time TODO list entry and were requested by many people. Hopefully, they’re all happy and celebrating now.

Konqueror and BlogLines

My Firefox gave up on me today after I played a bit with its settings once again. I am still hoping that it will return from the NoGo land without the reset of the profile. In the meanwhile, I fired up Konqueror and decided to use it for a while. It has matured a lot since the last time I used it for web browsing and I can even say that it can handle most of the sites that I use correctly.

The most annoying problem so far is with Bloglines. Clicking on items in the left panel does not work at all. The only way to read new stuff is by clicking on the folders which is way too far from convenient. I have over 500 new items in some folders and loading them all at once doesn’t do me any good.

I’ve googled for the solution for a bit, but didn’t find anything. If you know by any chance how to overcome the issue, please let me know. If I will find the solution myself, I will update this node to include it.

P.S.: I am using Konqueror 3.3.1 from the Fedora Linux Core 3 installation.

A good selection of magazines and newspapers

Accidentally, I’ve found an excellent shop for magazines and newspapers. It is located in Limassol, on the Makariou III avenue. It is in the same building as New York Sweets, on the left side if driving from the sea towards the city.

There is really a great choice. There are magazines on any topic out there, from cars and computers to photography and fishing. There is also a choice of languages for many editions. I have seen magazines in English, Greek, and Russian.

Also, I’ve noticed that all these magazines and newspapers are updated frequently. I am getting fresh issues of a couple of photography magazines every month.

More WordPress goodies

I came across this excellent resource with a bunch of WordPress plugins. It doesn’t display very well in my Firefox, with titles being written in green over the green background, but if you can get over that, it has a lot to offer. For example, I’ve immediately downloaded and installed two plugins:

  • BAStats. It provides a nice way to see site statistics in a Dashboard tab. Browsers, referrers, hosts, requests, search strings and all the usual bits can be displayed over a selected period of time.
  • Comment Quicktags. This one provides buttons that help in editing comments. Making text bold or italic, linking to URLs, striking through words and blockquoting paragraphs can’t be any easier now.

And there are a few others that I am looking at and thinking if I need them or not and if I should try them on or or not.

New shoes

I’ve bought new shoes today. My mother would be way too glad to hear this.

New shoes

You see, I’m not that kean about new clothes, or footwear for that matter. And I hate shopping. That is why I tend to choose something very comfy and practical and wear it until it tears into pieces. Even than, if it can still hold on me, I’ll wear it.

My old shoes kept holding for quite a while. My mother was pushing me into a new purchase as far as two years ago. Needless to say that she spent every free second during her last visit convincing me to visit the shoe shop. She didn’t manage to get me in though. When she realized that she was failing, she tried to scare me with the promise that she will send me something from Moscow without consulting me and withoug me trying those shoes on first. And that she’d insist on me wearing them. Oh, well. That didn’t scare me at all. She actually went into the shop trying to find something suitable and realized that it wasn’t that easy. Anyway, no she doesn’t have to.

Goodbye, old shoes, you served me well.

Old shoes

I’ll wear you only once again – for the upcoming KSP. :)

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