New shoes

I’ve bought new shoes today. My mother would be way too glad to hear this.

New shoes

You see, I’m not that kean about new clothes, or footwear for that matter. And I hate shopping. That is why I tend to choose something very comfy and practical and wear it until it tears into pieces. Even than, if it can still hold on me, I’ll wear it.

My old shoes kept holding for quite a while. My mother was pushing me into a new purchase as far as two years ago. Needless to say that she spent every free second during her last visit convincing me to visit the shoe shop. She didn’t manage to get me in though. When she realized that she was failing, she tried to scare me with the promise that she will send me something from Moscow without consulting me and withoug me trying those shoes on first. And that she’d insist on me wearing them. Oh, well. That didn’t scare me at all. She actually went into the shop trying to find something suitable and realized that it wasn’t that easy. Anyway, no she doesn’t have to.

Goodbye, old shoes, you served me well.

Old shoes

I’ll wear you only once again – for the upcoming KSP. :)

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