Prepare yourself for Kakomalis 2005

There are many names for the same event – Kakomalis 2005, KSP, Amateur Song Festival. Call it whatever name you want, but it still means the same thing. I am talking about a song festival which happens twice a year in Kakomalis, Cyprus. Roughly a 24-hour non-stop music show where everyone and anyone can participate.

The next festival will happen at the same place (map here) on the 1st of May 2005. Most of the information about it is in Russian, so you’ll have to ask for other languages separately. If you read Russian, than check the official website of the event, as well as this discussion at RussianCyprus Forum.

There’ll be all the usual stuff with lots and lots of music, food, games, and sporting activites. New addition this year is the photo exhibition. Once again – anyone can participate.

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