More WordPress goodies

I came across this excellent resource with a bunch of WordPress plugins. It doesn’t display very well in my Firefox, with titles being written in green over the green background, but if you can get over that, it has a lot to offer. For example, I’ve immediately downloaded and installed two plugins:

  • BAStats. It provides a nice way to see site statistics in a Dashboard tab. Browsers, referrers, hosts, requests, search strings and all the usual bits can be displayed over a selected period of time.
  • Comment Quicktags. This one provides buttons that help in editing comments. Making text bold or italic, linking to URLs, striking through words and blockquoting paragraphs can’t be any easier now.

And there are a few others that I am looking at and thinking if I need them or not and if I should try them on or or not.

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  1. Thanks. I’ll move your comment to the appropriate post, when it the time will come. :)

    By the way, for some reason your browser is not using correct encoding. The page is set to display in UTF-8, but your browser uses Windows-1251.

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