They just don’t get each other

The irony of life – when one person has something that another doesn’t, they have difficulties understanding each other. Not always, but prett often. A person who just had lunch won’t fully dig into what a hungry person is saying. Rich people can’t care less for what comes out of poor people’s mouthes. People in shape don’t hear fat people. I can go on for ever.

One particular example of such misunderstanding occurs between parents and those who never had kids. No matter what people who had children say, those who hadn’t wouldn’t understand them. They might try, but it’ll still be far from what was meant.

My mother used to say “When you’ll have kids, you’d know…”. I was like “Yeah, right…”. Now that I have a son – I suddenly started to understand what she was saying. Not all of it, of course, but I am walking down that path.

Why am I writing this? Because I just came across something someone somewhere far far away posted in her blog. Now I totally understand what she is saying. But just a couple of years ago I’d be like “Oh, c’mon… not again!”.

P.S.: Just to make something clear – having kids does not automatically means understanding all parents. No. But it’s a minimum requirement. You can’t go around it.

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