Rethinking ‘Picture of the day’

This has been on my mind for some time now, so I decided to finally do it. My ‘Picture of the day’ project is going well. In fact, it grew out of the original idea. These days I am blogging a lot and many pictures that I post to the ‘Picture of the day’ can be instead used to annotate my other posts. So, instead of creating two posts – one POTD submission and another a regular story without a picture – I will do one.

Here is how it will work. If I have a picture and the story, then I will write a single post with text and image. If I have just a picture, I will post just a picture in the relevant category. And only if I have a picture with some photographic value, I will create a post in the Photography category, with the picture and the description of the value, lighting conditions, and stuff like that. I might leave it as just a picture too, but I will try to avoid the laziness like that.

All these single pictures will still remain in the POTD directory in my photo albums.

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