Pediatrician check

Max was on his weekly check with pediatrician today. Everything looks good. He (Maxim, not pediatrician) is growing as he should. He gained about 300 grams during the last week and now weights 4160 grams. He also gained about 2 centimeters to his size and he now measures 55 centimeters. Something else that I was always forgetting to mention – the diameter of his head. He is growing his head about 1 centimeter per week. Now it has a diameter of 38 centimeters.

Maxim has no troubles focusing on the face of the person and following its movement for a few seconds. He also can move his hands and legs just fine. Dr.Simos suggested that we start doing some gymnastics with Maxim. He showed us a couple of exercises that Maxim should do daily.

Another interesting thing that we’ve learned is about names. Dr.Simos said that there are a lot of Maxims getting born. He alone has 5 (!!!) patience with this name. These are good news. Having a unique name is usually hard upon the child and its the last thing we wanted for him. Certainly, though, we didn’t expect it to be so popular.

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