Finger activity

FingerworkFingers are Maxim’s most active body parts without a question. He moves his fingers all the time. And I mean all the time. He moves his fingers when he sleeps, eats, baths, dumps the load, plays, goes outside… You get the idea.

With all these movement, some of the figures or gestures he displays are really funny. The problem with capturing them though is that they don’t stay. He changes the location and position of his fingers constantly. Rarely, when he focuses on something else, like sleeping or eating, his fingers stay a few seconds in the same place.

We are having lots of fun watching him move. The best time is when he is awake and his fingerwork happens simultaneously with his funny faces. At this time he can impersonate anyone – Eminem, The Presiden of The United States, Cyprus taxi driver, Marilyn Manson’s fan at the concert – anyone.

Sometimes I am fast enough with the camera setup to capture the complexity…

Album location: /photos/2005/2005-03-24_POTD/

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