Freaky silence

Maxim and I were on our way to the park today, as usual. We were passing by the Starbucks joint, when I got a little bit freaked out by a group silence.

Starbucks was full of school kids. They were all enjoying their cappuchinos and espressos, talking as loud as kids do. There was this constant buzz in their and about 100 meters around. But, suddenly, when Maxim and I were approaching the cafe, ALL of those kids looked at us and shut up.
Now, I’m not your average where-is-my-panic-button guy. I try to keep my alert levels up at all times, and so I am not easily caught off guard. But this was definitely the moment.

I used my side sight to carefully look around. Nothing suspecious. Then I checked the shadows and reflections around me to see if they would give me any hint of danger. Nope. Everything is clear. I then looked around and slowed down almost to a stop.

Got it!

The kids weren’t actually looking at me. Their focus was on behind of me, where was this policeman, who just arrived, and who stopped a small bike with a couple of teenagers who were driving without helmets.

Oh, let’s what it is! Kids, bikes, helmets, and the policeman! Now I could relax.

It seemed that most of the kids in the Starbucks arrived there on a bike. Obviously, most of them didn’t have either helmets or proper documents. And that got them all very worried when they so the police work.

Whooh. Nothing to see here. Catch your breath. Move along.

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