Team America: World Police

No matter how many movies I watch, there are always some that I am waiting to watch desperately. And when they come around, I use any chance to watch them – be that a cinema, a scratched video tape, or highly compressed DivX screener.

I was so waiting for “Team America: World Police“. And I am so happy that it turned out way better than I expected even though my expectations were pretty high. This is a great feature. Here is a check list:

  • Original – check
  • From the producers of the “South Park”, with “South Park” atmosphere, but done differently – check.
  • Explicit lyrics, with lots of “f”-words, “s”-words, “d”-words, and all sorts of other words – check
  • Unbelievable doll art – check
  • Great songs – check
  • Lots of parodies on “Kill Bill”, “The Matrix”, “Men In Black”, “Star Wars”, James Bond movies and what not – check
  • Huge dead body count and blowing up of few world wonders – check
  • Both hetero and homosexual scenes – check
  • Laughing at a bunch of “American” values – check

Could I continue? Yes, of course. But this was so good that is worth seeing. And although I’ve seen it from the screener, I will go the cinema to watch it (if it will ever come to this part of the world) or rent an original DVD.

9 out of 10. I gave 9 reasons, didn’t I?

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