The Crimson Rivers

Watched “The Crimson Rivers” (also known as “Les Rivi�res pourpres”) on DVD today.

It started like a something really good, with interesting plot points, Jean Reno playing a cool cop, and some really nice photography. I was enjoying it for about 10-15 minutes. Than I started to get bored. Than producers most probably realized that everyone is getting bored and they changed the pace and angle of the movie. From this point on it looked more and more like a bad “South Park” episode with lots of cursing, messed up dialogs, missing story parts, and lousy special effects. The more I watched, the worse it got. Fortunately, it didn’t manage to get too far and ended with a totally expected, happy ending.

4 out of 10. It could have been very very good, but it wasn’t. Pity.

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