Usually I am not interested in television programs. I don’t watch much of them and I don’t want to watch much of them. Unless they are really good. Than I make an exception. That’s how I am with TV. Or at least this is how I want to be with TV.

For some time now Martin was bugging me about this MTV show called “Punk’d” done by Ashton Kutcher. I was already thinking about renting it some time in the future. Today Martin had enough of my reasons and all that crap about television, jumped from his seat, grabbed the DVD, and made me watch one episode. The one about tax enforcement officers confiscating property, if you are interested. So, I liked it. It was funny. I took both DVDs – the complete first season – and went home to watch.

The show turned out to be as good as I expected it to be. I watched all the episodes, plus all the bonus features, deleted scenes, and everything else I could find straigt through. No breaks.

If you’ve heard nothing about this show, here is a small summary for you. The idea is very similar to the “Candid camera”, “Show me the funny”, etc. Hidden cameras, actors, setup pranks, and one victim.

What is so different from the other shows? Well, first of all, all victims are celebrities. Secondly, the setup thingy is extremely serious with large sums of money going in, to make it all look realistic. Thirdly, victim’s best friends and/or relatives are assisting in the prank to make it more believable. Fourthly, the scenarios are original. These are not some stupid jokes a third-grader can read in the magazine and try to pull on you. We are talking tax enforcement officers (actors, of course, but with all the merchandize) confiscating property, crane accidentally destroying a house, car theft of a $250,000 collection edition vehicle, busting of illegal casino, and things like that. Add to all of these great acting skills and talents of the people involved and excellent commentary and hosting by Ashton – and you have a really amazing show.

So, I suggest that if you have a chance of finding it, than find it and watch it. Rent it if you have to. It’s worth it. If you are out of luck, I’ll rip it off and share it for you. Probably I will do it anyway. Ashton asked me himself. Yup. In special features of the second DVD he called me names and asked me to rip and share the show. So I will.

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