The Ring

Watched “The Ring” on DVD.

I have to say that I am not a fan of horror or mistery movies, although I have watched a few. “The Ring” does not stand out by any means. It is your typical average mystery movie with dark, dessaturated colors, tuned more to the blue, cyan, and green. People do behave strangely here as they do in any other average horror movie. The story is a typical one too – a girl was killed, but noone knew about it, so her ghost was pissed off and was killing people. Investigating the story was a young lady journalist who had a really weird young son. The boy was out of real, but noone pointed that out. Just one of his teachers noticed that “something” “might” be wrong with him. Yeah, right. He is a total psycho. That is what surely wrong with him.

Anyway, the movie was pretty average and so it gets a deserved 5 out of 10. If you think that I am unfair and that all horror and mistery movies are like this, than watch “The Blair Witch Project“. That was something. I use that film as a measurement.

2 thoughts on “The Ring”

  1. [1] I don’t know. If I would learn that I will die in 7 days, I would freak out. Really. Totally. The way all of them were behaving is like they learned that parking tickets are going to be 20 pounds instead of 15.

    And the ending was terrible. They should have ended when the girl was released. The part with making copies of video tapes was blah blah blah… :)

    Defenitely not my type of movies. :)

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