Lucky and Martin


Today’s submission to “Picture of the day” project touches upon the subject of love of animals. Out of 6 shots done, I found only 3 usable. Out of those 3 three, I picked only 2 for the submission.

Lessons learned again today include making sure that background doesn’t have any wires growing out of person’s head (I used to have trees and polls, but now it is down to minor subjects) and making sure there is enough light (it turns out it is pretty dark under the table where dog eat) for moving subjects (like people and dogs). I also realised that I way too far behind in learning Gimp. I mean I can do a few tasks easily now, but whatever requires patience is out of my league. Like cutting out a noisy background.

Lucky and Martin

Album location: /photos/2004/2004-11-15_POTD

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