Day in brief

  • In queue for check-in at LCA. #
  • Waiting for boarding with beer, sandwich, and chips. #
  • Cashier recognized that I am Russian and offered us shot glasses for vodka, even though we haven't ordered any vodka. #
  • We're on the plane. Hmm, yeah. #
  • In Prague airport, waiting for boarding onto a Frankfurt flight. So far so good. #
  • On the plane yet again. #
  • Good morning, Frankfurt! #
  • Experiencing Frankfurt. After a walking tour we ended up in a beer garden by the dom. Waiting for sauseges and beer. #
  • Back from Frankfurt tour. Waiting for a train to Karlsruhe in about 50 minutes. #
  • Arriving to Karlsruhe. Exhausted. #
  • Cheched in into Novotel hotel. Everything looks awesome. However we are physically dead. Will have some food, a pint and off to sleep. #

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