Learning to think

I am using this blog to learn the thinking process once again.  I believe I did it in the past a couple of times already, but somehow the skill vanishes and I have to redo the process.  These days I’m going through a lot of information and what I noticed is that I don’t spend enough time thinking about what I read.  It’s more like scrolling through, then a quick spark in my mind which I can’t even describe properly with words, then I think something like “Hold on a second… Hmm.. Oh, OK. Next!”, instead of “I agree with this because…”, or “I disagree because…”, or “I never thought of that this way. I better look into it more…”.  As  a result of this, I have a suspicion that I re-think the same things over and over without coming to any conclusions, researching the subject more, or simply dropping it as uninteresting.  This has to stop.

So, I started blogging more, putting my comments – no matter how silly or insignificant – around the things that I read about.  Hopefully these will get more interesting with time and practice.

3 thoughts on “Learning to think”

  1. That’s exactly what happens to me. I don’t have the time to sort through every interesting bit of information, so I just skip over it – “Ah, that’s interesting, so they *did* to that…. next!” But I find your blog posts very informative and interesting – keep it up!

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