Which OS Are You?

Windows 95Which OS Are You?” poll is circulating the blogs these days. Lots of people take it and they turn out to be “OS/2”, and than there are so happy that they aren’t “Windows ME”. Well, I guess I got closer to “Windows ME” than most of them, because I turned out to be “Windows 95”.

The description is as follows:

You are Windows 95 You look better than your older brother but your communication skills are still lacking. You start well, but often zone out.

Now, what was all that about “older brother”. I am an older brother. You do they mean RMS? :)

3 thoughts on “Which OS Are You?”

  1. Brilliant! Very funny! I liked the one about armpits being classified as toxic waste! :)))

    "You are OS X. You tend to be fashionable and clever despite being a bit transparent. Now that you’ve reached some stability you’re expecting greater popularity."

  2. You are GNU/HURD. You feel like your life is incomplete. If you answer all of the questions you might get better results


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