What a good citizen has to do to save water

I am a good citizen. I am proud of myself. And of Olga. She is a good citizen too. Here is the story.

Our neighboors are out of the country. Since they have a small garden next to their appartment, they’ve set the sprinklers and a timing machine so that their plants would survive. Well, yesterday something went wrong with their timers. Sprinklers startet distributing water around, but… never stopped. We worried a little bit but than let it go, thinking that it will either stop or someone else will switch it off.

Today, when we woke up it was still on. So, I went on the roof to check if I could find the tap to close. There were many, but none that would do the job. We decided than to go and comlain to the athorities. Building management was all out of the office apart from the secretary that didn’t understand a word we were saying… and obvioiusly didn’t want to neigher understand us or do anything about the problem. I than called to Limassol waterboard, who said that until it is either a national catastrophy or a broken pipe they have nothing to do with it.

I wanted to call the police, but decided to set it as a last measure. Meanwhile I went on someone else’s private property, investigated all the plants and the pipe system, found the tap and closed it. Tada – the world is saved now!

If I haven’t done anything, like I could, the water would be running for some time longer, killing the plants, increasing the bill for the neighboors, and decreasing Limassol’s water reserves. I could live with all of these, but I didn’t want to. The moral of the story is: care about others and the world will be a better place.

Now I am off to watch a movie about some people destroying other people’s planets. :)

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