CytaMobile-Vodafone GPRS support

After one of the restarts of my mobile, GRPS stopped working.  I called 132 – CytaMobile-Vodafone support.  They sent me the settings.  I installed the settings, but that didn’t help.  I removed all settings from the phone and installed the new ones again.  No luck.  Another call to support – they send me the settings again.  Same ones.  I replace the existing ones with the new ones.  Still no luck.

Two days later, I can suddenly connect, but only to Cybee WAP page.  Went through all the settings again, but with no luck.  Another call to support:

-  We’ll send you the settings now.

– Please don’t.  I called a few times already and reinstalled the settings many times, but that didn’t help.

– Oh, I see.  OK, I can send you the settings via fax or email – which one do you prefer?

What can I do?

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