Day in brief – 2011-10-11

  • Illegal To Take a Photo In a Shopping Center? – Slashdot #
  • Android Market looks very different today. #
  • My brother is looking for a job. Grab him if you need a sysadmin or web developer. #
  • СпасибоПутинуЗаЭто – SapsiboPutinuZaEto #
  • Lunch break. Silent. Bored. (@ FXCC) [pic]: #
  • 21st century. Windows sysadmin. Has no idea what a web server is, how it works, and how to configure one. Interesting experience for me. #
  • In the time it takes to install PHP on Windows, I can install a Linux server from scratch, complete with LAMP stack and my web app. #
  • When you Google for a Linux problem, you are referred to a manual to read. All Windows results seem to consist of software downloads. #
  • When Small Business Server reboots, all Windows users pick their noses. Linux people add to their /etc/resolv.conf and continue. :) #
  • Apparently, there is an easy way to import Apache mod_rewrite rules from .htaccess into IIS. All you'll need to fix is order of the rules. #
  • I am awesome! :) Not that anybody had any doubts, of course. #
  • @kevinrose BS. Can't even afford a professionally made poster. :) #
  • New note : Importing Apache mod_rewrite Rules : URL Rewrite Module : Installing and Configuring IIS 7 : The Offi… #
  • All the clicking reminds me of "clickety-clickety-click".If you haven't read the BOFH stories,you really should.Some things never get old. #
  • I'm at Draught Microbrewery (24, Vailissis Str, Lanitis 'Carob Mill' Complex, Limassol) #

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