Doing business in Cyprus

The Doing Business project provides a rating across 183 countries on how easy it is to do business in each one of them.  Cyprus occupies a respectable position #40 in that list.  Here are the metrics used in ranking calculations, as well as some of the neighbors for Cyprus:
  • Easy of Doing Business Rank: 40 (after Columbia, Azerbaijan, Qatar and before Kyrgyz Republic, Slovac Republic, Armenia)
  • Starting a Business: 25
  • Dealing with Construction Permits: 77
  • Employing Workers: 93
  • Registering Property: 64
  • Getting Credit: 71
  • Protecting Investors: 93
  • Paying Taxes: 37
  • Trading Across Borders: 15
  • Enforcing Contracts: 107
  • Closing a Business: 21

And while there are obviously plenty of pros and cons to each country in the list, it’s nice to see a summarizing effort.

2 thoughts on “Doing business in Cyprus”

  1. A very interesting blog post indeed Leonid. I was surprised to see the diversity in rankings of other countries, some much higher while others much lower than I would have expected.
    As we usually try to benchmark Cyprus against Greece, it is particularly interesting to see Greece being in spot number 109. A clear indication that it’s time for the training wheels to come off and stop looking up to Greece as much as we do.

  2. Indeed. I was also surprised to see Russian Federation (#120) so close to Greece. I have a pretty good idea to how bad things are in Russia and it I can’t believe that Greece is anywhere close to that. But I’m not that well informed about Greece, so it in fact can be.

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