The Chronicles of Riddick

Finally, “The Chronicles of Riddick” ran through our cinemas and we got a chance to see it. Excellent movie that is. It has nothing to do with the first part (“Pitch Black“), except that few minor references were made to it, and, of course, that Vin Diesel was playing Riddick in both.

This time it was a wierd mixture of Star Wars with Lord of The Rings. Lots of knight-type armor and weapons mixed with cross-universe travelling and star fights. Excellent work on scenery and decorations there too.

A couple of things I wish they could have done different were camera work and lights. It seems that the budget was limited for the special effects, because every time there was a serious battle of fight camera started shaking and moving around while there was a lot of this annoying stroboscopic blinking light. It looked kind of great for the first 3 seconds, but the 20 minutes later my eyes were about to fall out. And I really wanted to see some more details of what is happening and how instead of these blurry moves around with pieces of everything flying around. That part sucked.

Still, the movie provided for some descent entertainment, withough a bunch of boring scenes (there were a couple, but they were kind of mandatory and short). I would add some more blood, but than it wouldn’t have passed the PG-13 rating that it was given. Overall, this film is a very good reason to visit a cinema. I’ll give it a solid 8 out of 10.

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