Updated Mozilla Firefox to 1.0PR

I have updated my Mozilla Firefox to version 1.0PR. It does appear to be faster than the previous version that I had. Also it has a couple of nice features. When browsing through sites which provide RSS/Atom feeds, a small ‘RSS’ icon appears in the status bar. By clicking on this icon, one can subscribe to RSS feed. It will appear as a Bookmark folder which will contain items of the feed as separate bookmarks. Very neat. Another nice feature is Autoupdate. When enabled, it will check for new versions of installed themes and extensions, and optionally update them. It can even update Firefox itself. I was missing this for a long time now.

Playing around with extensions, I found the options for the GoogleBar extention. Don’t laugh. I had it installed for years, but never bothered to check the key bindings. It turned out I was doing too many clicks. It is extremely easy to bind ‘Alt+Enter’ to run queries on http://images.google.com and show results in a new tab without switching focus to it. There is much more, of course, but this is what I was missing the most.

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